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andy_chronicles's Journal

The Andy Bernard Chronicles
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Anything and everything about Andy Bernard and Ed Helms
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This is a community where the primary focus is on Andy Bernard from The Office. He's such an awesome character that he deserves his own community, plus, Ed Helms is a sexy beast, so it had to be done. Anything and everything about Andy Bernard or Ed Helms is welcome, be it fanfiction, fanvids, fanmixes, random observations, character dissection, favorite quotes, favorite scenes, discussions about Andy's relationships with the other characters, clips of Ed from The Daily Show or his other past work, basically anything that is awesome, clips from The Office, icons, graphics, layouts, mood themes, episode discussions, The Lonesome Trio, Ed's stand up routines, new or favorite pics of Ed/Andy, or just plain gushing about how sexy Ed is.

Feel free to pimp your communities as long as they have something to do with Ed or The Office. No spamming, no flaming, give credit where credit is due if you use someone's icons, and put large pictures and extra long posts behind a cut. That's pretty much it. Now, beer me and let's get our Andy on!

Master List of Andy Quotes

Master List of Andy Fanfiction

Andy Screencaps
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