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He doesn't post much, but here's the link: 

Jason Segel and Ed Helms, together at last


File under “two great tastes that taste great together”: Jason Segel and Ed Helms are set to co-star in an upcoming stoner comedy. Adding to my joy, Jeff Who Lives At Home is from writing/directing brothers Mark and Jay Duplass of The Puffy Chair and Baghead. (Mark also stars in the The League and was half the bromantic duo in Humpday.) My cup runneth over.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “the pic chronicles a day in the life of two brothers, one a loser (Segel) who lives at home and the other (Helms) more together but overbearing.” So… no one’s playing against type. Judy Greer, who should totally be a bigger star, is “in talks” to play Helms’ wife.

The Duplass’s films are very talky and low-key, and Helms and Segel, while fantastic, tend to play big, shouty, and ostentatiously goofy (Segel) or dorky (Helms) characters. I’m curious to see them scale back their broad styles for more of a lived-in, realistic vibe. And please oh please let there be some kind of musical number.

Source:  EW.com

So excited about this.   I love both of them, so this is gonna be awesome! 


my andy bernard song :-)

okay so like if any of these boards will appreciate this - I know the ANDY BERNARD CHRONICLES will!!!!

my first post had to be a good one, you know???

hope you all love it!!!! sooooooooooooooo obsessed. omg. sometimes I think he's a real person, um, yeah....



Fic: I Would Be Your Slave (Andy/Oscar)

Title: I Would Be Your Slave
Author: angelascats
Rating: R
Word Count: 3074
Beta: by werkelijkheid90
Spoilers: Business Trip through Gossip
Disclaimer: I do not own anything from The Office. I think it's pretty obvious if you read this.

Um, this was my first fic and I think I may have used too many italics...

let me kick you a scenario...Collapse )
Title: Think I'm In Love (But It Makes Me Kinda Nervous To Say So), 6 Chapters
Pairing: Oscar/Andy
Rating: Ranging from PG to NC-17
Word Count: 6,287 total
Spoilers: Through "Secret Santa"
Disclaimer: I don't own own Andy, Oscar, nor the brilliant series that is The Office.
Summary: Oscar must admit to himself that Andy's who he really wants to be with.
A/N: I noticed that there were no Oscar/Andy fics posted here! That is a wrong that should be righted. No offense to any other Andy pairings, of course. None of this story has been beta'd. I also must thank the always wonderful angelascats  for the fic title, a plethora of ideas, and her constant praise that kept me writing this thing. I'm by no means a fic writer, but it was a story that needed to be told. Enjoy. :D

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6


Lonesome Trio Show

Hey Guys, I posted here last year when I went to the show, so I'm doing it again!  My friend and I went to see Ed's band, The Lonesome Trio, play on December 30th in NYC.  The show was packed - so much more than the previous years, probably due to Ed's recent success, right?  Anyway, the show was amazing, as usual, Ed is just so talented, as are the two other people in his band.  I took a ghetto video of Ed singing a song he wrote (not "All Gone to Hell," another one, that I missed the name of, sorry), the audio is good, but the iPod Nano video camera is not great, sorry.  

 The Lonesome Trio was playing with another band, All Night Cookin', and after each group had done a set, they all stuck around and randomly jammed together, which was awesome.  Ed disappeared at some point during the jam session to go get a drink from the bar, and my friend went out to grab us some drinks, too.  She came back immediately and was all like, "Ed's at the bar talking to some people RIGHT NOW!!  We have to go talk to him!"  So we headed out and waited until he wasn't talking to anyone to say hello!  He was so nice (and handsome) about us gushing about how much we love him and how we thought he was great ever since he was on TDS.  He took a picture with each of us and shook out hands and wished us Happy New Year!  A perfect gentleman.
After that, we left (I mean, really, how could the night get any better?), but on our way back to get a cab, my friend deleted the picture of me and Ed!  Obviously I was totally upset and we degenerately headed back to the bar, found Ed, and conned him into taking another picture with me!  Hahaha, actually, we more sheepishly were like, "Ed, I'm an idiot, can you please take a picture with me again?"  And he totally did and was so nice about it, too, even though he probably thought we were some shady stalkers or something.  After we left, I made my friend take the memory card out of her camera so she couldn't delete the picture!  Sorry I look like such a dork, I was so happy to be able to put my arm around him twice!

Ed Pictures


Ed and Rob Corddry.

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